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Defensive Driving Training


KELMAR Safety, Inc. provides defensive driving training courses, entry-level driver program training and safety meetings all customized to meet your company’s needs. Safety meetings may include, but are not limited to: collision avoidance; slips, trips and falls; back safety; winter driving; and construction zone and safety. All our courses are designed to help you implement a safer driving fleet. Defensive Driving Courses (DDC) remain the top tool for preventing collisions and improving drivers’ skills.  KELMAR Safety, Inc. not only trains your drivers, but also can certify your people to be instructors for the course.

What defensive driving courses can do for your company
Leading businesses and agencies have recognized the direct benefits of the National Safety Council’s DDC programs not only in the number of lives being saved and injuries reduced, but also in the decreased hospitalization costs, lost production time, vehicle down time and insurance rates. All of these things combined reduce your company’s risks and increase profits. By implementing driver safety training with your employees you can:

  • Prevent tragic collisions
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
  • Lessen your liability risks
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increase personal responsibility and driving
  • Increase hazard recognition
  • Reduce impaired driving
  • Improve the driving environment
  • Enhance vehicle condition and equipment
  • Increase knowledge of using anti-lock brake systems
  • Educate drivers on sharing the road with other vehicles
  • Increase understanding of rules of the road
  • Improve drivers choosing safe and legal behaviors

Every 15 seconds a person is injured on America’s roadways. Every 12 minutes one of them dies. Implementing driver safety training promotes an attitude of mutual cooperation and understanding among drivers. The DDC course is the most widely used program among courts, municipalities, schools, businesses and industries, government and the general public. It has the highest rate of success at reducing the severity and frequency of collisions among its graduates.

Protect your company, your employees and other drivers on the road by contracting with KELMAR Safety, Inc. for driver safety training.

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