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Department of Transportation (DOT) Mock Audit


Companies use our DOT Mock Audit service as a pre-emptive strike to avoid a disastrous real Department of Transportation (DOT) audit. This is a great way to know that your company is up to date with its processes and required documentation before it’s too late. Thus, giving time to correct, train and be effective.

DOT Audit Experience:
We have been through many Department of Transportation (DOT) audits over the years for our clients and have successfully guided our new clients through the now required new entrant audits.
Our consultants keep on top of the ever changing regulations and how they affect companies.  We take the headache out of understanding the regulations and what they mean to your company. Our clients have never received a fine for any service that we handle for them. Many of our mock audits have revealed deficiencies that our client was not even aware existed. 

Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance
Use a Mock DOT Audit to make your company more productive toward Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and strive for safety excellence toward the motoring public. We identify trends within your fleet that you have the power to correct. The information from a Mock audit will allow you to implement the needed changes so you can be compliant with the regulations.
Find out now if your company will pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) audit successfully. Don’t wait for the Department of Transportation (DOT) to tell you. Your company’s safety rating of satisfactory is important to maintain. Your rating is public knowledge and your customers may not be willing to put their product on your truck if you don’t have a satisfactory rating. Fines and penalties are avoidable by being proactive. 

What to expect:
During a Department of Transportation (DOT) Mock Audit we proceed just like any Department of Transportation (DOT) auditor – 48 hour notice to produce records, ask open ended questions, have an opening and closing meeting, review policies, procedures, and if it were real- your potential for fines and an unsatisfactory or conditional rating.
Our consultants conduct the audit on your site and see your operation in action or if you information is online we can audit those also saving you travel costs.

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