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DOT Trucking Expert Witness / Consultant


KELMAR Safety Inc. has Truck Accident Expert Witness consultants on staff. They provide litigation support for both Plaintiff and Defense Commercial Vehicle cases.

Bringing over 20 years of transportation experience to the task enables a comprehensive approach to your case.

We perform as trucking industry consultants on the following commercial trucking issues.

  • commercial truck driver performance
  • transportation company business practices
  • negligent hiring issues
  • safety programs and policies
  • loading / unloading procedures
  • training
  • compliance with state and federal regulations

The advantages of working with the staff at KELMAR Safety Inc. include:

  • Methodical
  • Organized
  • Detailed
  • Deadline sensitive approach

You might not like what we have to say-but it may save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs chasing something that will not come to fruition. Assisting clients to avoid pitfalls or to achieve higher settlements is derived by a consistent approach and case review of the facts in each and every case.

KELMAR Safety Inc. Litigation support includes:

  • Witness question preparation
  • Case review
  • Case evaluation

If you don’t ask the right questions in the trucking industry - you will not get the answers you need due to specific terminology or jargon. Understanding the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and the trucking nuances regarding your case are important and an approach and explanation must be such that a jury can comprehend easily.   

Case review, question preparation, expert witness reports, expert witness deposition or jury trial – KELMAR Safety Inc. will work together with you to prepare effectively. We can provide an excellent array of other disciplines to assist you toward a successful conclusion as well featuring accident specialists, vehicle experts, visibility experts, economists, forensic consultants, engineers and a full graphics department are just some of the possibilities.
Use KELMAR Safety Inc.’s expert witness knowledge of the Transportation Industry and Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations as a tool in your next case by Contacting Us today!

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