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Electronic DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software


KELMAR Safety Inc has developed a proprietary user friendly system to help you and your company keep your Driver Qualification Files compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) part 391.

We are not a fancy filing cabinet. Our staff is available and works directly with your company on compliance, regulations and safety challenges. Our driver qualification file management service allows us to share the information with you in an accurate and up-to-date manner. We don’t look at your company to see if it fits what we do, we look at your company to see how we can fit your needs and requirements! Don’t be caught up in other cookie cutter programs that really don’t reflect your business needs or objectives. Let KELMAR Safety Inc. help you reach your DOT compliance, regulations and safety goals.

KELMAR Safety Inc.’s driver qualification file management system has the following advantages:

Secure Online Access:
Security is the utmost important part of any online transaction and we take no exception. We have invested the time and money to insure that your information is safe and secure from unauthorized eyes.

Customizable Structure
We allow you to group your drivers by multiple levels of access and assign security for those drivers managers at whatever levels you determine access. We don’t limit the number of managers that need access to your driver qualification files and to what drivers they have access to. This structure is all up to you and your company needs. We take pride in being flexible.

Automated Electronic Notifications:
Keeping you updated about your changes and your data that is about to expire is what KELMAR Safety Inc. prides itself on. We have developed a system that sends you an easy to read, itemized email of data that is about to expire in a proactive approach to managing your driver qualification files. This can be at specified intervals for notification such as a 30 day notice as well as the extremely important final day notice. When you come in to your office, you will have an email from us that tells you who the driver is, what item is going to expire and when that item will be expiring. We believe if you have the data before it is past due that your odds of maintaining a higher level of compliancy can be achieved.

Expiration dates that we keep track include the following items as well as any item(s) that you may need tracked:

  • Driver License
  • Physical Card
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Annual Review
  • Etc.

NOTE: These items are sent out to the managers you choose based on the structure that we have created to match your company needs. This unique flexibility allows your managers to be notified about the drivers and items that they are in charge of without having to filter through the notifications for drivers they do not help maintain or control.

Electronic Imaging:
We maintain an electronic image of every document that is in each driver qualification file.  The electronic images are attached to the driver records within our database. All of the images are available online for your viewing at your convenience. This availability to your files offers you the greatest flexibility in regards to access as well as centralized administration across your company no matter how many locations you have. As soon as your information is updated, the changes will be reflected instantly. We DO NOT batch update here at KELMAR Safety Inc.

Secure Access Based Web Access:
KELMAR Safety Inc. allows you “read only” access to your driver qualification files. This limited access insures the integrity of your data that we maintain for you. When changes are needed, our trained DOT compliance specialists will work with you to get the correct information from you and update the information as quickly as possible. We update and link the records and files the same day that we receive them.

Standard Reports:
We have listened to our customers needs. We have put together a group of reports that will allow you to retrieve the most appropriate information that is only a few clicks away. These standard reports will fill the majority of your requirements, if the need arises that a customizable report is needed, our information technology staff can work with you to develop the solution.

Some of our basic reports include:

  • Compliance Report
  • Forecast Report
  • Master Driver Report
  • Out of Compliance Report
  • Terminated Driver Report

Real Time Updates:
We at KELMAR Safety Inc. believe that maintaining your electronic DOT driver qualification Files is a privilege so we work as hard as possible to bring you the most up to date information as we can. Real time updates can only be achieved if we get the information that you have provided us into the system as quickly as possible so that you can see what truly is accurate. We don’t wait until night to update our system or run batches of information throughout the day. When you provide us with updates, we input your information almost immediately. Most updates are completed within the hour. If the changes are submitted after business hours then they are updated the next business day.

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