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Social Security Number (SSN) Search


Ensuring a social security number search is valid is the best place to start a background check. The social security number search tells you what person(s) are associated with a particular social security number. In today’s market finding the right candidate for your company is more important than ever. Our services can be used for general employment to executive. KELMAR Safety, Inc. can assist in your search for Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated employees in transportation to childcare professionals to coaching staff volunteers.

Working with KELMAR Safety, Inc. for your people search by social security number provides you the time you need to concentrate on your core business. You obtain professional results for your social security number searches.

Available types of social security number searches thought KELMAR Safety Inc.:

  • Social Security Number Address Trace
    • Social Security Number Address Trace casts a wide net that draws from multiple data sources. The social security number trace verifies that the social security number listed by the applicant is valid. It also shows if more than one person is associated with the social security number. The Social Security Number Address Trace produces a list of addresses related to that name and social security number, which can point out inconsistencies in employment and residential history.
  • Social Security Number Validation
    • Social Security Number Validation and Verification Searches should be used in conjunction with one another. The social security number validation simply verifies that the social security number is a legitimate number using a computer calculation.
  • Social Security Number Verification
    • A Social Security Number Verification Search combines information from the national credit bureaus and Social Security Administration (SSA) data. The social security number verification search reveals if the number was actually issued to a particular person, the state of issue and the year issued. It also contains an alert if the social security number was reported used in a fraudulent situation. This is a great tool for determining validity of an applicant’s identity, as well as where to perform a criminal background check and other screenings.


As you can see there are many ways to use the person(s) social security number to determine if the person(s) are who they say they are as well as to verify the information provided to you is accurate. Let KELMAR Safety Inc. social security number (SSN) search service work for you!

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