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Employment Criminal Background Checks


Criminal record checks should be conducted for all industries. When an employee is allowed entry into another person’s home or works with children, it becomes especially important. record checks on employees can be done at the county, state and national level. We also conduct Federal District and International searches upon request. KELMAR Safety, Inc. conducts criminal history checks for industries ranging from retail to medical, from manufacturing to education, from childcare to transportation.

KELMAR Safety, Inc. conducts criminal record checks in the following areas:

  • County Criminal Record Searches
    • The County Criminal record Search is generally the most reliable criminal record search because it is conducted at an actual courthouse by a professional court researcher. The search is done in the county or counties where the applicant resides or where a Social Security Number Search – Address Trace indicates the applicant has lived in the past seven years. (Note: certain areas of New York State don’t allow for a single county search.)
  • Statewide Criminal Record Searches
    • The Statewide Criminal record Search returns criminal history records within the past seven years within a specified state, based on the submitted name. Data returned can vary from state to state. Juvenile and sealed records cannot be reported.
  • National Criminal Record Searches
    • The National Criminal record Search casts a wide net and encompasses multiple states. All types of criminal history and activity are searched. The database includes state and county court repositories, law enforcement, departments of correction, state government agencies and administrator of courts reports. This powerful record check for criminal activity examines millions of criminal records.


There are situations where a combination of one, two or even all three searches are required to provide you with the most accurate data for your company about the person(s) you are researching. We can start with a wide angle employment criminal background check and then narrow the search if any information is detected. We are flexible with your needs so give us a try.

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