KELMAR Safety, Inc. is the Employee Safety Training, Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Specialist and Pre-Employment Screening department your company needs to reduce its liability and improve its overall performance  
KELMAR Safety Inc.
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Welcome to KELMAR Safety Inc.


KELMAR Safety, Inc. is the Employee Safety Training, Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance Specialist and Pre-Employment Screening department your company needs to reduce its liability and improve its overall performance. Built on client satisfaction, KELMAR Safety, Inc. brings consistency and uniformity to companies ranging from small independent operations to Fortune 500 firms with multiple locations. Let the experts at KELMAR Safety Inc. help you with your Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance challenges.

The following are some of the ways KELMAR Safety Inc. can help your company.

Electronic DOT Driver Qualification File Management Software:

Online Reasonable Suspicion Training:
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Our unique Online Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management was designed from the ground up based on customer needs and functionality. No other company has this program! We don’t give you access and simply let you loose like some companies do. Our trained staff works with your company to maintain your companies Department of Transportation (DOT) Compliance. If you have questions, we have answers. Click Here to learn more about the KELMAR Safety Inc. Online Driver Qualification File (DQF) Management System.

Getting your managers or supervisors the proper Reasonable Suspicion Training can be a challenge and KELMAR Safety Inc. understands that time is money. Knowing how hard it is to get all of your managers or supervisors to commit to one time for training is almost impossible, that is why we put together an interactive Online Reasonable Suspicion Training course that is fully compliant with Department of Transportation (DOT) Regulations. Your managers or supervisors can take the course at their leisure and at their own pace. Once all the modules are completed, a Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate of Completion is generated for them to print. More Information is available if you Click Here.

NOTE: If you already purchased your License, Click Here to get started.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver Safety Compliance Training:

Department of Transportation (DOT)
Mock Audit:

Having a skilled workforce is what we all want to accomplish. Let KELMAR Safety Inc.’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver Safety Compliance Training Services go to work for your company. We train your employees in Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations (FMCSR) Training, Department of Transportation (DOT) Hours of Service Training and Defensive Driving / Driver Safety Training just to name a few. Additional training services can be found when you Click Here.

Have you ever wanted to know how well your company will stack up against a Department of Transportation (DOT) audit? Here is your chance to learn how well you would do without the fines and penalties. KELMAR Safety Inc.’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Mock Audit will look over a random selection of your Driver Qualification Files (DQF) and determine how you are doing. If we see potential issues, we will let you know. You will receive a complete report with our findings as well as ways to correct them. Click Here to get started.

Drug & Alcohol
Program Management :

Employee Background Check:

Employees who abuse drugs and alcohol at work cost their employers an amount equal to one-quarter of their annual salaries in hidden costs. Implementing employee drug testing and conducting pre-employment drug screening strengthens your company. When you contract with KELMAR Safety, Inc., we handle all aspects of your drug-free workplace or random drug-testing program. Click Here to learn more about our Third Party Administration (TPA) Services.

Pre-Employment screening your potential employees should be a part of your hiring process. Employee background checks help you in determining the right candidate for your company. We can screen employees for motor vehicle reports (MVR), criminal background checks and employment history for example. KELMAR Safety Inc. has many additional services and you can read more when you Click Here.

Meeting Client’s Needs
KELMAR Safety, Inc. knows what it takes to reduce your company’s risk and position it for greater success. Whether it is criminal background checks, employment history screening, drug testing, Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance or education verification KELMAR Safety, Inc. supplies the staff, systems and expertise to do the job quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Going the Distance
Working with KELMAR Safety, Inc. provides you the time needed to concentrate on your core business with professional results. You develop a consistent and uniform hiring approach that can be used whether you have a few employees or hundreds. Investigations are Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) and Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) compliant.

KELMAR Safety, Inc. can identify your company’s challenges, train your employees, travel to your location providing hands-on expertise that resolves issues rapidly, ensures sound education and provides a smooth transition to best practices.

As your partner, KELMAR Safety, Inc. provides three methods of interaction with your company.

  1. We can audit your current processes identifying your company’s challenges then provide an action plan for your staff to conquer.
  2. We can utilize our audit and provide your employees training and assistance to bring the company into compliance.
  3. KELMAR Safety, Inc. can even go the distance as an outsourcing service provider by performing many of the tasks in the action plan for your company.

Protect your company, your employees and your investment by partnering with KELMAR Safety, Inc.